Table Mountain Walking Tour With Cable Car

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Walk Tour Table Mountain with The Cable Car

R 850 ZAR equals around 50 USD, 48 EUR, 46 GBP

2 people minimum. Pickup included.

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We are a team of specialized Table Mountain Tour Guides. We are ranked #1 outdoor activity on TripAdvisor since 2014.

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Join a guided walk and take the Cable Car | Table Mountain Guide

3-Hour return trip Table Mountain Tours, depart daily with pickup from your hotel in Cape Town. These best-price Table Mountain guided tours, accessible to everyone, without hiking. Our informative staff are there to assist with traveler leisure and safe sightseeing.

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Tour Highlights

  • The best views of Cape Town from Table Mountain National Park.
  • The flaura, fauna and scenery and the all-in-one tour with the Cable Car.


  • A sunny route filled with exciting view points, easy flat walking trails and restaurant.
  • No hiking required, take the Cable Car and up and go down on the funicular.

Route information

  • The route is straightforward, follow the guide through the demarcated paths.
  • There are no rocky trails to climb. The footpath is paved. No steep sections exist.

Nothing compares to the grandeur of a Table Mountain Tour in Cape Town, South Africa. The connection between mountain and human is indescribable. On this journey, experience the tranquility, serene nature and bond with the mountain. You get the most by touring Table Mountain and by using the Cable Car. Our various tours of Table Top expert-led by guides offer different times and pickup. All tours are suitable for all people. Times range from early morning to sunset. Nature lovers, travelers and bigger-than-life personalities all enjoy spending time on the majestic mountain. Some groups offer hikers a unique opportunity to see the mountain in a cost-effective and convenient way. Taking a tour vs hiking Table Mountain is most frequently chosen due to it’s safety. Some hikers compare the hike to Table Mountain and choose Table Mountain Tours because it’s a safer way to summit the mountain. Either way, taking our experience gives a perfect plan-oriented itinerary without the safety concerns in CPT. It just depends on your orientation as a foreign traveler and your preference of time selected as Morning, Afternoon, or Sunset tour.

Step 1: Select a time from the booking page. We accommodate all types of people, any age and gender.

Step 2: Receive confirmation and get in touch with your guide. View the itinerary for more information if you wish.

Step 3: Get hotel pickup on the day with travel to Table Mountain Cable Car. Buy tickets and start the tour with the guide.

Cost and information

Half-day private and group guided Table Mountain tours start at R 850 per person equals $50, €48, £46 per person. Includes: Pickup from hotel, experienced guide, water, drop off at hotel or central location in Cape Town and Atlantic Seaboard. Note additional fees are required to board the Cableway. Tickets can be pre-purchased in advance through the website or or we can at advise box-office.

All tours are group or private and the 2 person minimum guarantees departure. Bigger groups of 6 or more people can get discounts by contacting us. Single travelers can book 2 person minimum to go.

Tour proceeds go to BBBEE employment, disadvantaged programs and helping support the local South African community. Please enquire if you would like to pay in United States Dollars first.

Things to bring: Hat, Sunblock, Camera, Windbreaker, Bag. Please be prepared to spent at least 4 hours on the mountain, prepare accordingly, pack light and bring enough money to spend at the café and restaurant. Gratitude is excluded from the price if tipping.

The Cableway operation may change due to the South Easter wind or adverse weather. In this case the tour will reschedule to the next working day. If the weather is unsafe because of heavy rain the tour rearranges the schedule and you are usually advised on the day.

Customized itineraries can be arranged. If you want something particular, or to see a unique or specified item on the travel, then contact us when making your booking to see if we can arrange.

Taking a Table Mountain day-tour: Facts, Tips and Information

Table Mountain is Cape Town’s number 1 tourist attraction and a must-see landmark. Touring Table mountain is a great way to see the surroundings and nature. The views are truly spectacular! We offer tours taking the Cable Car to the top. Walking with one of our experienced guides is a memorable experience. There are several walking trails which flat-terrain, viewing points, and stops are abundant. These are the type of trails we take with minimal effort. Taking a Table Mountain tour is one of the most exciting things to do in Cape Town! Walk tours with us are the best thing to do in the park.

The enormous mountain stretches almost 2 miles (3.2 kilometers) across, while the plateau is around 3 kilometers (1.8 miles across).

The dramatic landscape means Table Mountain attracts tourism.

Of course there are little ways more straightforward than to take the Cable Car up, that is why we offer tours of Table Mountain Park.

The 1086 meter towering rock mass, concentrated at the center of Cape Town is a playground for touring groups, adventure walks and holds New 7 Wonder of Nature status among the world’s greatest outdoor activity and national park attractions. Since the mountain is around 540 million years old, that is older than the birth of mankind.

The diversity of the Natural Wonder hosts more plant and animal species per square kilometer than the Amazon rainforest. The flat-terrain land allows possibilities, exploration and Tafelberg tours.

Trails paved and make way for activities including walking, running, and sightseeing. Offering exceptional quality day-trips from Cape Town for all experience levels. Not to be missed! Table Mountain touring with our company takes no effort and requires no hiking.

We are committed to providing a quality service, coupled with our passion for the outdoors. In this, we provide you with an affordable Table Mountain tour with excellence at heart. We service the ultimate experience and we pride ourselves with being experts in travel and tourism. Tour guides are fun, enthusiastic and willing to tour you. The qualified mountain guides are there to ensure your safety. We can customize your tour to guide all private and group team building adventures to suit people at their level, interests, and group size.


What is the duration of the Table Mountain tour?

There are 4 official times, sunrise, morning, afternoon and sunset. The tour time depends on the slot. If AM then the duration is around 3 hours return trip including pickup and drop off. If PM is selected then 4 hours. Traffic, weather and number of participants effect the duration of the Table Mountain tour. On average 2 hours is allocated to leisure and sightseeing, while 1 hour to travel, pickup and dropoff.

Is it hard to take a Table Mountain tour?

Touring Table Mountain with a group is the easiest way to summit the mountain. The cable car allows access for anyone. Walking is limited to the flat-paths on top, while the restaurant is there to rest and eat a delicious meal at any time with ease. The average elevation in number of degrees is less than 15. Usually flat, the slope to the bottom is downwards, does not require upwards exertion. The steepness is not hard, a child and pregnant woman can do it considering they are in good-health without health problems.

Is it safe to do the tour alone?

  • If you follow the guide on one of our tours it is 100% safe. However we recommend going down before night time.
  • If you choose a small group tour, it is better than going solo. Couples are more safe than single travelers all-year-round.

    If you don’t want to walk alone you can book one of our Tafelberg tours at different times. There are travelers to go with you and you get an experience with an expert-led guide in Cape Town. Remember to bring enough water and a backpack.

What is the cost to take a Table Mountain tour?

The fee is R850 per person which equals around 50 United States Dollars, or 48 Euros, or 46 British Pounds. The minimum count is 2 people and we advise being in a group because it’s safer. The larger the group the lesser the cost, if 6 people or more contact us then we can arrange a discount. Large corporate groups with the self-drive option, can meet at Table Mountain, and receive company discount.

What is the best time for Cable Car rides?

In summer the best time is morning, followed by sunset. In winter the best time is morning and afternoon. Morning is when the sun rises over Devils Peak mountain. The lines are quicker because the tour guide would arrive at the mountain early and queue for you. The afternoon is less busy but the weather is hotter, however in the summer, or winter, this temperature can usually be cooled down by a refreshing beverage or warmed up by the nice coffee, a tea or hot chocolate served on top of the Shop on Top, or the Table Mountain Café. If you want to get an early start, there are many good coffee shops in Cape Town, where you can have a scrumptious breakfast followed by the guide pickup and transport to Table Mountain.

Sunset is also a good time if you prefer the serene orange sunsets with golden egg views. The sky can get quite dramatic at this time. If you plan to use the Cableway at night then check during the course of your trip whether the wind get stronger in the forecast. The tour guide will advise whether the arrangements will carry through for safety the TMACC operates at wind speeds less than >30 KM/H.

Our favorite month for taking a Table Mountain tour is December to January. There are lots of tourists around that time to be prepared!

In cooler months June – July, take a ride up Table Mountain any time. Just be sure that it will not rain, the tour is equally beautiful in winter. It is nice in any weather, however if you want to be sure, check the forecast. Clouds are not a problem but strong wind and rain can be hazardous. If you see massive all-surrounding clouds on top of Table Mountain, called the “Table Cloth”, the group might postpone travel.

How to get Table Mountain directions?

By renting a car or going to the mountain, you’ll need a map. That is why we suggest using Google Maps or Uber for transportation. If you are a couple, the tour guide picks you up from your hotel, so there’s no need to get directions. Simply by searching “Rent a car” in Cape Town will yield results but you don’t need that on a tour. If you want to get to Table Mountain for other reasons, like you have a car for a wine tour, or cross-country, the easiest way is up Kloof Nek.

Red Bus is another stop off point at Table Mountain. There visitors can get to the destination without a map. The Red Route allows for convenience in terms of getting to Tafelberg but we pick up on tour so there is no need for additional tours, unless you want more of it.

In fact, there are 4 different routes that stop at Table Mountain including the Blue Route. But the most common is the City tour. There is the sunset bus too that will take you to the mountain or if you are currently on tour and want the guide to pick you up from your nearest location, just holler for a call and let him know the pickup location. If you take the group option, travelers are fetched before departure, so there is a guarantee in getting to Table Mountain.

More about the Table Mountain Cable Car

You can take the Cable Car with us, we do that on tour. There are hikers doing the trails but you will go on the funicular, don’t worry.

Hiking trails on Table Mountain are numerous, but regardless of your physical capability, the tour for the Cable Car runs without walking.

Either way, taking a tour up Table Mountain with us using the famous Aerial Cableway is possible. In fact we are one of the only agencies in Cape Town offering the exclusive Table Mountain Cable Car tour and you should definitely include us in your itinerary in Cape Town in time.

The views of Cape Town on this 360 panoramic machine with a turning floor is awesome. The ride operates on average from 8 o’ clock in Summer to 8:30 AM in Winter, the last car down is around 7 PM or 9 PM in Summer, spectacular and definitely worth the buy!

  • The return ticket for Table Mountain is bought off of or
  • For a return ticket, the price is the same for AM morning and PM afternoon. It is easier with this system than buying the physical tickets on the day, online advanced.
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